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Plug: The Sci-Fi Fantasy Newsletter
Welcome to the March '97 edition of PB O'Plug (Irish translation). Search engine files. torrent sites wolverine torrent. If you're new to the fold, Plug is the hardly-housebroken, cutting-the-edge-of-the-envelope on-line newsletter--brought to you monthly via e-mail by the Ace and Boulevard imprints of the Berkley Publishing Group.

Once a month we serve up the dish on the latest science fiction, fantasy and horror titles currently on sale from Ace and Boulevard. Plus, you'll get interviews with your favorite authors, trivia, and so much more fun it's shameless.

So, if your saint's of the Patty and your luck's of the Irish (for a day), let's cast the first shamrock. And cast it hard...

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Hot Currents

The Big Plug...
A candid interview with Brian Jacques, bestselling author of Salamandastron, Martin the Warrior, The Bellmaker, and Outcast of Redwall.

The Power Strip...
Wahoos and new titles from Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, Patricia Anthony, Anne Logston, plus all-new Spider-Man, Xena, and Quantum Leap adventures. And don't forget to check out the Creature Features Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movie Guide, edited by John Stanley (Joe Bob Briggs swears by it).

What's to come in April--other than showers.

S.F.I.Q. to taint the brain, Plug's Top Ten List, and more (more bang for the bucks you don't have to shell out for this stuff).

So, put both hands on the mouse, click hard, and prepare snacks.
Plug is here.

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